Parent Resources

As a parent, you make a tremendous investment in your child. Hummingbird understands the sacrifice involved. There should always be clear value in where you place your dollars and we want it to be worth it. There are many activities your child can be involved in, many sports, and even within the sport, many clubs you could choose.

At Hummingbird we have clear priorities:

For athletes to first enjoy and love what they are doing.

For those who aim/aspire to get to the next level, is harness their true potential, and so we invest heavily in our coaches having the resources they need to make this happen; these investments will increase as the club grows.

To create opportunities from your investment, Hummingbird aims to provide opportunities for our athletes to be recognized by scouts and university/college coaches, so scholarships are possible at the next level.

Our athletes should embrace basic values that sports can teach, the Golden Rule, teamwork, problem-solving, determination and a go-getter attitude to name some.

In keeping with this, Hummingbird will always aim to be transparent, provide any resources that can help, make these outcomes the priority and listen. We always want to hear from you, our philosophies on approach may differ, but our goals will be the same, to have your child become the best human being they can.