About Us

Hummingbird Volleyball is the vision of Shedrick Forbes and Davaska Ferguson. Shedrick has played at all levels of volleyball, from strong divisional high school, club volleyball, four years as a varsity all-star at Warner University and at the national and international level with team Bahamas. Shedrick has played at several regional and international level competitions including Caribbean Volleyball Championships, NORCECA championship qualifiers, world championship qualifiers, Pan American cup championships and Pan American Games competition. Shedrick’s homeland inspires the colors of the club. To learn more about the beautiful islands of the Bahamas, feel free to visit here. To learn more about the flag colors, click here.

Davaska has been active in youth development programming and environmental protection work for the majority of his life. As a member of the Kiwanis family in his home country, Jamaica, Davaska worked with local non-profits and government agencies to advance child protection and environmental projects. The team’s name and mascot are influenced by Davaska’s homeland’s national bird, the Hummingbird. to learn more about the beautiful island of Jamaica feel free to visit here. To learn more about Jamaica’s national bird click here.

The Hummingbird Volleyball Club (HVC) was founded in 2019 as an incorporated, not-for-profit community organization focused on providing safe and high-quality volleyball sports specific programming for Ontario youth. The club aims to continue the growth of the sport in Ontario, with clear alignment to the strategic plans of the OVA and Volleyball Canada.