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OVA Score Sheet

How to Fill out A Score Sheet

Parents are a key role in our youth competition’s success. Parents are asked to assist with calling lines during games and/or act as a scorekeeper by flipping numbers on a scorecard or filling in the scoresheet during a game. Below are fantastic resources on how to complete some of these tasks.

OVA Purple Card Policy

Decorum is important in our sport and the OVA has taken many steps to create an environment that is safe for all stakeholders, including the below purple card policy. It’s important that parents familiarize themselves with the rules of OVA events as their actions can lead to great penalities for our teams both on and off the court.

Hummingbird Fanwear

Rep the bird family by sporting our amazing fanwear on competition days, or rather, always! Fanwear is available for purchase, contact your team administrator to find out how!